What are Bio-Regions?

Decentralized Geographic Units that Provide All Food Fiber, Energy & Medicine

Bio-Regions Are the Key to Regenerating Civilization

How to Regenerate Society?

First a change of ethics & second decentralization

Cooperating with Local Partners, EDEN Partners creates BIO-REGIONS

What are Bio-Regions?

Geographical areas self-sufficient in food, fiber, fuel & medicine. The objectives? Self-sovereignty & Decentralization.

Core Investments

Education & Community Banks to provide the economic backbone of economic self-reliance.

Strategic Investments

In cooperation with LOCAL PARTNERS, EDEN Partners works to direct investments in line with ethics & agreed objectives.

Bio-Region Setup steps

Working with Local Partners, we introduce green solutions, setup Regenerative Farm Schools & create Farmer-Owned Co-operatives

Step 1

Holistic Solutions

Introduce Green Solutions, Create Trust with Local Partners

Step 2

Demo Farm
+ Community Bank

Train Local Farmers in Regenerative Agriculture
& Provide Lease-to-Own Financing to Small Farmers

Step 3

Meet Objectives

Farm Assets Sold Back to Farmers' Co-Operative

Why Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a linchpin for EDEN Partners' mission of creating self-sufficient, harmonious bio-regions.

It offers a path toward

  • environmental sustainability,
  • food security,
  • water security, 
  • climate mitigation,
  • economic resilience,
  • human health

Why Education?

Education committed to motivating every child to view life as a Hero's Journey, where those with curiosity and integrity can discover their 'calling,' employing their unique talents to address a profound global need, all while finding immense joy in the process.

We introduce:

  • Permaculture Ethics -> Primary School
  • Regenerative Agriculture -> High School 
  • Entrepreneurship -> University 

We are empowering students to become environmental stewards & sustainable entrepreneurs. Our holistic curriculum equips learners with the skills to create a greener, more prosperous future.

Coming soon

Why Community Banks?

Community Banks hold a central role in EDEN Partners' mission to create self-sustaining, regenerative bio-regions. Recognizing decentralization as key, EDEN sees community banks as crucial for both community & economic success within the bio-regions we setup. A return to asset-backed currencies in combination with holistically appropriate technologies...we are giving the power of self-sovereignty back to the people.


Upcoming regions

To be truly regenerative, all food, fiber, fuel & medicine should be sourced from within localalized bio-regions

Below you can explore the the regions we are investing in...and creating a regenerative society for future generations.

Mbarara, Uganda

Explore Mbarara: The Crossroads at the Crossroads of East Africa

Discover the vibrant heart of Africa in Mbarara, where lush landscapes and thriving communities come together to forge a sustainable, regenerative bio-region like no other.

Region Focus
#dairy #beef #energy #health #education #infrastructure
Learn More

Orlando, Florida

Explore a haven where a regenerative future is nurtured by nature's legacy

The juxtaposition of suburbia & beauty of Florida's Swamps, forms eco-conscious communities thrive amidst the lush embrace of the Sunshine State.

Region Focus
#foodforests #suburbanregeneration #education #beef #aquaculture #wastetoenergy #health 
Q1 2024

Calabria, Italy

With little tourists, low costs & a beautiful countryside, come experience rustic Italy.

Journey to Calabria, Italy, where education, agrotourism, sustainable beef cultivation, renewable energy, and vibrant health converge in our thriving bio-region

Region Focus
#education #agrotourism #beef #cultivation #energy #health
Q2 2024

Think global, act local

EDEN Partners' + Local Partners

Working with LOCAL PARTNERS & The EDEN Network,
trust ensures the success of regenerating whole regions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Boots-on-the-ground, we visit each region, then spend a minimum of 6 months setting up working regenerative farms, education & community banks 
  • Specializing in nature-based solutionsholistic thinking, regenerating whole regions through a co-operative network & long-term planning
  • EDEN Partners combines a global network, expertise, investors, solutions & LOCAL PARTNERS to create bio-regions & self-sovereign local communities

With an abundance mindset, we co-operate with anyone who shares our ethics & shared mission of a stable agriculture & society. 

  • Permaculture Ethics: Guided by the fundamental tenets of permaculture, we prioritize the care of planet, people, and profit, fostering the regeneration of both nature and humanity while planning for seven generations ahead.
  • Decentralization: Our commitment to decentralized food and financial systems guarantees survival and resilience.
  • Regenerative Agriculture: We adopt a holistic approach, emphasizing the keyline scale of permanences. This philosophy accentuates the regeneration of water, energy, soil, bio-diversity, and ecosystem resilience, recognizing agriculture as the cornerstone of civilizations.
  • Keyline Design: Through an integrated land design process, we ensure profitable, regenerative agro-ecological landscapes, cities, and enterprises at scale. This methodology guides all our city and farm planning efforts.
We Invest In Nature We Invest In People We Invest In Small business

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape, buildings & people to provide shelter, food & energy with material & non-material needs in a sustainable way. Thus ensuring a positive future for generations ahead.