Institute mission

The Creation of a Farmers’ Co-operative, Educating a New Generation of Regenerative Farmers + Community Bank

Thereby Integrating Nature & People in a Regenerative Way

Institute Focus

Hands-on Learning & Running of Small Farm Businesses

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Small Farm Businesses

Pastured Micro-Dairy with Mobile Infrastructure. Combined with holistic grazing, regenerates landscapes. 

Reproduce and use Native Microbes. Maximize use of local resources. Make your own Biofertilizers. Build Soil Fertility & Productivity. Eliminate fertilizer costs.

A focus on perennial species, with air pruning beds + bio-fertilizers for ideal microbial & soil conditions. 

Hands on experience, education, group physical work & of course a barbecue after. 

The next generation of medical diagnostics allowing for prevention of future diseases with nutritious foods & exercise.

institute objectives

The final objective, creation of a FARMERS’ CO-OPERATIVE

Objective #1

Establish working Demonstration Farm/Institute for Regenerative Organic Farming.

Objective #2

Educate a new generation of holistic small-hold farmers

Objective #3

Regenerate Planet & People with Community Banks & Lease-To-Own Financing

Objective #4

Creation of a Farmer-Owned Co-Operatives

Mbarara Institute Milestones

About the Institute

Nestled between lush green hills & vast savannahs, we are empowering the next generation in the ways of regenerative organic farming & entrepreneurship

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Farm Design Process

Following the Keyline Scale of Permanence, a framework for farms & cities.

Key Partners

With a shared mission, concentration in regenerative agriculture + decentralized finance,
it's only by cooperating with one another, that we can change the world.

Educational Resources

Knowledge is Power

Why REgenerative Agriculture?

Discover why Regenerative Agriculture & by starting with fixing agriculture can we solve the challenges society is facing.

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What is keyline design?

Providing a design system that scales & is superior to permaculture…not only cheaper than swales, but evenly distributes water & maximizes land use effectively.

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Why animals are essential?

No healthy ecology exists without animals.

Future farms will have to combine both animal, trees & cropping systems, thus  mimicking nature & maximizing the full benefits of nature.

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Regenerative Agriculture goes beyond conventional practices by fostering biodiversity, enriching soil health, and sequestering carbon.

By utilizing holistic approaches, it not only yields nutritious produce but also regenerates ecosystems, mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability.

The institute focuses on education, health, agrotourism, and fostering small farm businesses.

Through education initiatives, it empowers individuals with regenerative principles, cultivating a community that values holistic health and sustainable agriculture.

By supporting small farm businesses and agrotourism, it aids in economic growth and knowledge sharing.

The final objective of establishing a farmers’ cooperative aligns with the institute’s mission to create a collaborative ecosystem.

By uniting farmers, this cooperative aims to strengthen their collective voice, share resources, and amplify regenerative practices.

Ultimately, it fosters a sustainable and supportive network within the agricultural community.