Waste to Energy

What is it?
Solution heats up to 1250 °C for converting ALL waste materials into usable energy with net negative emissions. All of which can be repurposed including biofuels, biosubstrates & biofertilizers. 

What are the benefits?
Able to process ALL waste, converting 99% of waste and can also achieve negative C)2 emissions while obtaining bio-substrates & bio-fertilizers to enhance food production yields.

Who is it for?
Landfills, Dumpsites & Leachates, Hospital Waste, Toxic Waste. Promoting the long-term viability of WTE, biofuels & renewable energy sources.


For Curious Minds 🧠

Waste to Energy Process Capex Opex Operating Temperature Net Energy Generated % Total Efficiency % Feedstock Pre-Treatment & Separation Polluting Solid Residues Polluting Toxic Gases Needs Gases Expert Needs Refinery Expert
Our Solution (Thermal Reformation + + Above 1250°C (2282+°F) 93% 29% No No No No No
Plasma +++++ +++++ Above 3000°C (5432+°F) 15% 11% Yes No No Yes No
Hazardous Waste Incineration ++++ ++++ 980-1200°C (1796-2192 °F) 90% 27% Yes Polluting Ashes Yes No No
MSW Incineration ++ ++ 850-1100°C (1560-2012 °F) 90% 27% Yes Polluting Ashes Yes No No
Pyrolysis +++++ ++++ 400-800°C (750-1470 °F) 88% 25% Yes Sludge/Carbon Yes Yes Yes
Gasification +++ +++ 800-1000°C (1470-1830 °F) 85% 21% Yes Sludge/Carbon Yes Yes No


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