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EDEN Partners Network + Local Partners

Taking a Holistic Approach & Working with LOCAL PARTNERS
We Work on the Ground to Ensure the Success in Regenerating Whole Regions

Our Mission

To Regenerate Agriculture, People & Planet
A Future Where Nature & People Integrate Harmoniously


Cooperate with a Global Network to Direct Investments into Regenerating Whole Regions

Upcoming regions

To be truly regenerative, all food, fiber, fuel & medicine should be sourced from within localalized bio-regions

Below you can explore the the regions we are investing in...and creating a regenerative society for future generations.

Mbarara, Uganda

Explore Mbarara: The Crossroads at the Crossroads of East Africa

Discover the vibrant heart of Africa in Mbarara, where lush landscapes and thriving communities come together to forge a sustainable, regenerative bio-region like no other.

Region Focus
#dairy #beef #energy #health #education #infrastructure
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Orlando, Florida

Explore a haven where a regenerative future is nurtured by nature's legacy

The juxtaposition of suburbia & beauty of Florida's Swamps, forms eco-conscious communities thrive amidst the lush embrace of the Sunshine State.

Region Focus
#foodforests #suburbanregeneration #education #beef #aquaculture #wastetoenergy #health 
Q1 2024

Calabria, Italy

With little tourists, low costs & a beautiful countryside, experience the oldest part of Italy.

Journey to Calabria, Italy, where education, agrotourism, sustainable beef cultivation, renewable energy, and vibrant health converge in our thriving bio-region

Region Focus
#education #agrotourism #beef #cultivation #energy #health
Q1 2025