Our Mission

To Regenerate Agriculture, People & Planet
A Future Where Nature & People Integrate Harmoniously


Cooperate with a Global Network to Direct Investments into Regenerating Whole Regions


Create bio-regions where regenerative agriculture, decentralized finance & a new generation of entrepreneurs thrive, all while adhering to permaculture ethics a harmonious balance between the planet & its people.


Permaculture ethics are a set of guiding principles that form the foundation of permaculture, an ecological design & regenerative approach.
These ethics provide a framework for decision-making & action, emphasizing sustainable & harmonious interactions with both nature & society.
The three core permaculture ethics are:

Care the earth

The importance of environmental stewardship & sustainability. 
To respect & care for the planet's ecosystems, including its soil, water, air, flora, fauna.
Practicing care for the Earth involves minimizing environmental harm, regenerating natural resources & nurturing biodiversity.

Care for People

This ethic encourages the creation of systems & practices that promote equitable access to resources, support local communities & enhance the quality of life for all people.


Discourages overconsumption & waste, instead advocating for the equitable distribution of resources & benefits.
This ethic calls for responsible resource management & the consideration of future generations.
With the goal of creating self-sufficient bio-regions,
we direct financing to truly regenerative projects

How to Regenerate Society?

Decentralize, Create Farmers Coops, Regenerate Whole Regions

Regenerate Agriculture, Planet & People

Step 1

Apply Solutions Portfolio

Nature-Based + Disruptive Solutions
Create 8 Forms of Capital

Step 2

Demo Farm Setup

+ Farm Campus + Community Bank
10 Regional Investments

Step 3

Create Farmers Co-Op

Lease-to-Own Model
+ Exit with creation & sale of Farmers Co-op

Meet the team

Adam Jastrzebski

Key Partners

With a shared mission, concentration in regenerative agriculture + decentralized finance,
it's only by cooperating with one another, that we can change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Boots-on-the-ground, we visit each region, then spend a minimum of 6 months setting up working regenerative farms, education & community banks 
  • Specializing in nature-based solutionsholistic thinking, regenerating whole regions through a co-operative network & long-term planning
  • EDEN Partners combines a global network, expertise, investors, solutions & LOCAL PARTNERS to create bio-regions & self-sovereign local communities

With an abundance mindset, we co-operate with anyone who shares our ethics & shared mission of a stable agriculture & society. 

  • Permaculture Ethics: Guided by the fundamental tenets of permaculture, we prioritize the care of planet, people, and profit, fostering the regeneration of both nature and humanity while planning for seven generations ahead.
  • Decentralization: Our commitment to decentralized food and financial systems guarantees survival and resilience.
  • Regenerative Agriculture: We adopt a holistic approach, emphasizing the keyline scale of permanences. This philosophy accentuates the regeneration of water, energy, soil, bio-diversity, and ecosystem resilience, recognizing agriculture as the cornerstone of civilizations.
  • Keyline Design: Through an integrated land design process, we ensure profitable, regenerative agro-ecological landscapes, cities, and enterprises at scale. This methodology guides all our city and farm planning efforts.
We Invest In Nature We Invest In People We Invest In Small business

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape, buildings & people to provide shelter, food & energy with material & non-material needs in a sustainable way. Thus ensuring a positive future for generations ahead.