4. Access Layer


ROADS, TRACKS and LANES are relatively permanent features in landscapes. Their placement defines our movement and should integrate all of the elements these pathways connect with.


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Handbook Outline

The sections of the 4โ€ขAccess chapter are as follows:

Introduction to the Access Layer

4.01 โ€“ Applying the Access Layer


4.02 โ€“ Design Process
4.03 โ€“ Assessment
4.04 โ€“ Concept Design
4.05 โ€“ Risk, Impact, Mitigation
4.06 โ€“ Field Reconnaissance
4.07 โ€“ Road Types and Class
4.08 โ€“ Alignment
4.09 โ€“ Curvature & Coordination
4.10 โ€“ Design Speed & Stopping Distance
4.11 โ€“ Road Network
4.12 โ€“ Road Width
4.13 โ€“ Surface Design
4.14 โ€“ Drainage
4.15 โ€“ Crossing Types & Location
4.16 โ€“ Culvert Crossings
4.17 โ€“ Bridge Crossings
4.18 โ€“ Ford Crossings
4.19 โ€“ Fish Passage Design
4.20 โ€“ Debris Control
4.21 โ€“ Detailed Design & Analytics
4.22 โ€“ Headlands
4.23 โ€“ The City Forest


4.24 โ€“ Contractors
4.25 โ€“ Equipment
4.26 โ€“ Timing
4.27 โ€“ Surveying
4.28 โ€“ Clearing & Stripping
4.29 โ€“ Subgrade Suitability
4.30 โ€“ Grading
4.31 โ€“ Slope Stabilisation
4.32 โ€“ Compaction
4.33 โ€“ Surfacing
4.34 โ€“ Surface Drainage
4.35 โ€“ Subsurface Drainage
4.36 โ€“ Culvert Crossing Installation


4.37 โ€“ Maintenance Planning


4.1 โ€“Road Works Typology
4.2 โ€“ Components to Consider in Sensitive Areas
4.3 โ€“ Penetrometer Conversion Chart for Equivalent CBR
4.4 โ€“ Priority Decisions for Installation of New In-stream Structures
4.5 โ€“ Flood Occurrence Intervals & Water Table Culvert Spacing
4.6 โ€“ Pavement and Subgrade Stabilisation
4.7 โ€“ Gravel Coverage (depth per width of road)
4.8 โ€“ Gravel Spreading Rate per Truckload
4.9 โ€“ Speed/Curve Radius Relationship & Talbot Formula
4.10 โ€“ Manningโ€™s Roughness Coefficient for Channels (n)
4.11 โ€“ Order of Works Assessment Checklist
4.12 โ€“ Field Reconnaissance Survey Checklist for Access

References & Further Reading


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