5. Forestry Layer


Perennial woody plant systems are overarching, vital & productive elements in any landscape. They can be complex in their assembly & their placement is critical to support and provide for other systems.


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Handbook Outline

The 5. Forestry chapter contains 177 pages, 120 diagrams and 52 tables. The table of contents is as follows:

Introduction to the Forestry Layer

5.01 โ€“ Applying the Forestry Layer


5โ€ข02 โ€“ Forests
5โ€ข03 โ€“ Fauna
5โ€ข04 โ€“ Mycorrhiza
5โ€ข05 โ€“ Saprophytes
5โ€ข06 โ€“ Ecological Succession


5โ€ข07 โ€“ Layouts
5โ€ข08 โ€“ Garden Agriculture Integration
5โ€ข09 โ€“ Species Index
5โ€ข10 โ€“ Plant Establishment Densities


5โ€ข11 โ€“ Pruning
5โ€ข12 โ€“ Thinning
5โ€ข13 โ€“ Coppice


5โ€ข14 โ€“ Fruit & Nuts
5โ€ข15 โ€“ Timber
5โ€ข16 โ€“ Forage


5โ€ข17 โ€“ Pasture
5โ€ข18 โ€“ Timber Products
5โ€ข19 โ€“ Growth Stages


5โ€ข20 โ€“ Small-Scale
5โ€ข21 โ€“ Medium-Scale
5โ€ข22 โ€“ Grafting
5โ€ข23 โ€“ Budding


5โ€ข24 โ€“ Integrated Fire Management


5.1 โ€“ BBCH Scales
5.2 โ€“ Thinning Volumes and Basal Areas
5.3 โ€“ MLA Pasture Assessment Sheets
5.4 โ€“ MTG Field Booking Sheet
5.5 โ€“ MTG Tree Spacing and Stocking Guide
5.6 โ€“ Calculation of Tree Volume
5.7 โ€“ Paddock Condition Score Sheet
5.8 โ€“ Forage Digestibility for Different Livestock
5.9 โ€“ Vegetable Planting Guide
5.10 โ€“ Classification of Different Types of Fruits
5.11 โ€“ Cacao Agroforestry Mixed Species Planting
5.12 โ€“ PRO Silva Principles

References & Further Reading


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